3 secrets from the Symulast Naked Beauty Method to get rid of cellulite

Jul 11

reduce cellulite with symulast

reduce cellulite with symulast

It’s a fact of life: as we get older, bits of our skin begin to sag and get more squidgy. It’s no one’s fault other than old Father Time. Remember the heady, cellulite-free days of your youth, when you didn’t have to feel even remotely self conscious when wearing a revealing swimsuit? I’m sure you do. But here’s the good news – although cellulite now comes if you do nothing to fight it, it can be eliminated with the Symulast Naked Beauty Method! Without making drastic changes to your life! Here are our 3 secrets to help you banish cellulite for good.

1. Get a consistent dose of H20

Water is not known as the source of all life for nothing. The Symulast naked beauty method advises you to drink a lot of it. Its replenishing qualities are vastly underrated in this day an age. A few extra glasses of water a day, keeping your body perfectly hydrated, are a way of ensuring that your cells in the body stay young and fresh. Do that, and you’ll keep the cells around your tummy, bum and thighs young, fresh and tight too! The doctor says you should drink 8 full glasses of water a day, and we agree. It’s not all that hard to do – just make sure you have a glass by your bed for during the night, have a glass before all major meals, a couple during the day and one before you sleep, and hey presto – you’re on your way to a cellulite free bod!

2. Exercise, exercise, and exercise some more

The exact cause of cellulite is hotly debated amongst health professionals – with some saying that the causes are only skin deep, and others maintaining that the real cause is weak musculature – but the truth is that exercise is the only sure-fire way to tap into the solutions to both of those problems. Running can be great for pounding away at the areas that gather cellulite, as every single step strengthens the muscles areas in which lumpy skin builds up. Yoga exercises, such as the core-strengthening plank, are great for targeting similar points of the body.

However, whilst exercising, of course pay attention to what your body is saying. The chances are that your body is weak in certain areas, so don’t overdo it. Pushing your body to a point at which you’re no longer able to exercise won’t help at all! Pound away at the cellulite with a consistent, but safe exercise routine like described by Joey Atlas his symulast method.

3. Massage through the lumpiness

It may be that after having drunk all that water, and submitted yourself to a grueling but satisfying workout regime, you feel like you need to treat yourself to a nice lie down. Well, why not do it on the bed of a professional masseuse? Let them knead into the lumpy areas to get the blood flowing, and to massage through the difficult areas. Once again, tackling cellulite is about replenishing and healing the bits of the body stuck down by lumpiness.

Luckily you will see effect quickly with the symulast method. This way you will not get discouraged or need to turn to a professional masseuse in the first place. But in case of special need it is always a solid option!


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