A Quick Review of the Paleo Restart

Jul 25

Want to live a healthier life?  Looking for a fantastic way to reset your diet after a food-heavy holiday?  You are not alone.  All across the US, people are struggling to live happy, healthy lives.  With more than 3 out of 5 adults considered overweight and 1 out of 3 adults obese, knowing of a secure and proven way to be healthy is crucial.  This is where Paleo Restart comes in.  Below we provide a quick review of Paleo Restart including the basics of what it is about as well as some of the recipes that define this interesting and proven weight management strategy.  Let’s begin.

The Paleo Restart

Being healthy has never been easier.  The Paleo Restart involves a 30-day support program where you eat the foods that do your body good.  The Paleo Restart includes fully written out meal plans as well as simple recipes that are easy to follow and quite satisfying.  Everything is taken care of for you and accidently eating the wrong things is not possible with this approach.  The Paleo Restart provides built in modifications for the diet depending on specific allergies that you may have.

While Will The Paleo Restart Work When Other Diet Plans Have Not?

Good question.  The Paleo Restart will work because it engages you directly.  Being a 30-day support program means that you have the support of others as you work to be happier and healthier.  You will have fresh tips and support messages e-mailed to you every day.  You will also get a journal you can use to track weight loss. Your mood, and your sleep.  This results in you having your own personalized record over the time, ensuring that you leave the process better education over what the Paleo Restart can do for you.  On top of that, badges and points help you celebrate your progress.

Does Any Research Exist To Back Up These claims.

Simply put, there is research that backs these claims.  Research has found that individuals on the Paleo Restart manage to lose twice the amount of weight as those trying more traditional  weight loss means.  In addition, the Paleo Restart has the backing of thousands of people who have tried it for themselves and found success through the guide.  Whether this is your first ever attempt at dieting or you’ve been through the ringer one too many times, the Paleo Restart will help you get back on track and feel fantastic in the process.  Additional published research on the Paleo diet can be found here.

So…  What Can I Eat?

the paleo restartMore often than not, diets that you find online and on the bookshelves will be very limiting.  The Paleo Restart fights against this by providing an incredible range of options to get you started.  With a 30-day program in mind, you will have more than enough options during this time to find everything you need and want in your diet.  At the same time, there are countless more suggestions that you can use later just to try and enjoy.  The guide included with the Paleo Restart comes with 67 breakfasts, 59 lunches, 68 dinners, and 19 snacks.  On top of this, you get detailed and highly colorful descriptions of each and every one of these foods.  This includes all the ingredients you need, the number of people the dish serves, the prep time, the cook time, and detailed step-by-step instructions for every part of the cooking process.

Where Does This Leave Us?

As you can see, the Paleo Restart is a fun and exciting way to diversify what you cook and improves your health in the process.  Making use of special ingredients and an approach that has been proven to work, the Paleo Restart will help you reach get back on track as you move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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