Can You Prevent Diabetes?

Sep 25

Can You Prevent Diabetes?

Following a few reasonable steps in self-care is all it takes to keep the threat of diabetes at bay. Reversing Diabetes is a whole other story though and is way to complicated and comprehensive for this article. The diabetes protocol might be able to help you reverse your diabetes. A review of the diabetes protocol can be found at LadyBirdln.

But the million dollar question is: how to get started if you want to take measures to prevent diabetes?

It’s been observed by WebMD that by monitoring your diet, activity and keeping your weight in check, you can significantly lower your blood sugar level, preventing type 2 diabetes in the process. That, in turn, reduces the destructive nature of the disease by a significant margin.

Activity Keeps You Going

This is true with or without diabetes concerns; some kind of activity on a day-to-day basis is critical in controlling your blood sugar levels. Do you know just 10 or 15 minutes of speed walking everyday improves your blood circulation? Plus, this particular exercise is also known to help regulate the sugar levels in your blood.

If you can’t walk do something else. Maybe swim, for instance? But for your own sake, get off the couch and get moving – and move with vigor. A quiet stroll in the park won’t get the job done.

Fiber is Your New Best Friend

Fiber will not only keep your bowel movements regular, it will also help prevent the onset of diabetes. For starters, eat dark grains and lots of fruit and vegetables.

Since you are taking a minute to re-consider your diet, let’s take a note of your fat intake.

  • Mayonnaise and condiments are killers. They are high in everything you don’t need. If you have to have it, go for as little as possible.
  • Fried foods are off your menu. You must switch to baked instead of fried meats. These can taste just as good and are much better for your health.
  • No red meats on a daily basis, either. Try to eat white meats or fish most of the time, as they are known to have less fat content.

Lose Extra Flab

Well, most people have little extra pounds around their waist, but if it gets out of hand it can get far more difficult to loose. Let’s start exercising.


Medication can control your glucose levels but it has its own cost that far exceeds its price. It’s true that there are several pills for treating diabetes but you should know that almost all of them come with certain side effects, side effects that you better avoid.

In addition, you’ll also have to be very careful about what other medications go into your body— including antibiotics and the dye that are being used for tests. Besides that, you will also need to monitor your kidney functions more closely from time to time and have your blood tested regularly.

Don’t Be a Brat

Let’s face it. You may not like the changes but think about it: you’d rather eat whole grain bread and baked fish than get stuck with a needle every six hours.

In short you need to realize the choices you’re making and the actual consequences of those choices. For instance, diabetics are the first to encounter severe heart problems. And most of diabetic men are also known to lose the ability to have an erection. Now don’t you think that is enough encouragement to switch to a self-care regime?


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