Foods to give up in 2015

Feb 28

Foods to give up in 2015

So it’s FINALLY 2015! What is your new year’s resolution? Well, if you haven’t come up with on yet, we recommend DUMPING the following four foods from your diet (let’s say, one for each of the four seasons). Why? Because each is simply unnecessary for a healthy human diet. What’s more, we Americans certainly consume TOO MUCH- and like most things in life, moderation is the best policy. So at the very least, try to cut back on the following diet nasties. However, if you’re smart, and what too really get lean and healthy, a well as protect your heart and arteries, you’d be best to give them up altogether.

Adios,  added sugars

What’s wrong with all that sweet stuff? Studies show that high intakes of added sugar (artificial) have been linked to serious heart disease, not excluding high blood pressure.

So what to do (especially if you have a sweet tooth)? Try eliminating medium treats, such as that handful of choco-candies or cookie, not to mention the peanut butter, maple syrup and ice cream. When you need something sweet, go for fruit- it’s all-natural and thus much more healthy for you.

Red card for refined grains

Studies also show that at least half our grains should be from whole grains. In the grain refinement process, many key nutrients are lost (including fiber!). The more whole-grains that you can consume, the better chance you have at having a longer, healthier and more active life. This is because a high intake of whole grains reduces the risk of cardiovascular, respiratory and infectious diseases.  So how you you do it? Trying going for whole-wheat pasta, rather than common pasta; whole-grain bread rather than the white stuff; and brown rice instead of white (in general; ANYTHING WHITE in your diet is usually refined/ processed, and NOT good for your body). Adding more grains like barley, quinoa and wheat berries is also a great idea for a top-notched healthy diet.

So long,  sodium

The average American consumes 3,400mg of sodium PER day; that’s more or less 1,000mg MORE than we ought to. By cutting out the excess sodium, you can greater reduce the risk of heart disease; up to nine percent. So we’re not saying to completely cut sodium out of your diet, but you do need to have a good look at your intake, and reduce it accordingly. By skipping the soy sauce, as well as ALL baggie snacks, you can easily meet this goal. Another great idea is to cook beans in a cooker rather than buying canned beans- as they are quite high in added sodium. More than anything else, it’s also important to eat lots of fruits and veggies, all of which are naturally low in sodium.

Ciao, cheese and your saturated fats

Studies also show that saturated fats raise level of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood, which is not good at all for your heart or arteries. How to avoid this? The best way is to simply pass on the cheese from now on; OK…how about just try eating less? Cheese is a massive villain when it comes to adding saturated fat to your diet, though butter is probably worse (so boot that from your diet, as well).

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