Say goodbye to tummy flab

Jul 06

flat tummy for healthy lifeThe stomach is one bit of the body that always seems to need attention, even when we’re not doing anything bad to it. Even if you’re halfway through a quite restrictive diet, feeling miserable because you’re only allowed to eat a finger of lettuce every 28 hours, the tummy can still continue to sag. Even if you’ve committed to going swimming five times a week, feeling smug with yourself because you swam faster than all of the people in swimming caps, the tummy can still continue to sag. And that’s because it needs special attention. You have to focus your attention on it with specific actions.

Some of the tips below are exercises to get your stomach in shape. As with every bit of exercise, be careful to make sure that you use caution when doing them – don’t overexert yourself on your first day! There are no medals for being unable to do exercise. But there are definitely medals for having that perfect beach bod to show off on your upcoming holiday!


Eat your protein!

It may be that you’ve put lots of energy into an exercise, and you’re losing weight, but not inches on the stomach. This is because the stomach is not strong enough. Make sure to replenish the muscles in your body by eating lots of protein, daily, and – if you’re up for it – indulging in a good whey protein shake after completing a bit of rigorous exercise.


Moove over dairy

Milk is full of calcium and other goodness, but the truth is that we’re not evolved in a way to digest it efficiently all the time. This means that when we drink milk, we often leave it floating round in the digestive system for long periods of time, which can mess around with the natural balance of bacteria in the stomach and lead to tummy swelling. So if you find that your stomach exercises are not tightening the stomach, it may be because of the extra cheese and milk that you’ve been having!


Eat more slowly

This one sounds painfully obvious, and I don’t really want to come off sounding like a patronising parent. But the truth is that eating too quickly, and wolfing down air with every single bite, leads to a constant feeling of being bloated. It’s clear – air inside the body is going to have to come out at some point. And whilst it’s in there, it’s stopping you from keeping your stomach in shape.


Build up your core

You may have heard lots about training your core, but be unsure of how it related to you. Essentially, the core muscles are the ones that are at work at all times within the body. And once they’re stronger, the body as a whole becomes stronger. Once your body is stronger, your stomach will be too! To train these muscles, get ready to do a series of planks. The best way to do this is to start in a pushup position, with your legs behind you and feet together, and your hands directly under your shoulders. Balance, as still as possible, on your hands and balls of you feet for as long as you can. And that’s the way to get a super tight core, and with it, a super tight stomach!


Do bench dips

Find a bench, or a sturdy piece of furniture relatively low to the ground, and face away from it. Place your arms on the bench behind you and squat down so that your legs are in front of you and your bum is level with the bench seat. Then, keeping your arms on the bench, ‘dip’ your bum to the ground, without letting it touch the floor, and pull back up to the original position. The dips are great for strengthening abs, and, much like sit ups, giving you a flat stomach!

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