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Sep 24

Fluids are the one and perhaps the only thing we can give back to our body with a view to maintaining our health. Preventing headaches, dizziness and exhaustion may be linked to drinking the right thing– and drinking enough of it.


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Water is the number one choice of most doctors these days but you can add to that list. Always remember that maintaining a proper fluid balance is the key to your health. And eople who smoke or drink excessively need more fluid and nutrients than people who are not privy to those habits.

Drink Your Spinach

Smoothies, made without sugar are one of the best choices for healthy beverages: they come loaded with nutrients and are low on calories. As per most doctors, commercial products are sugar-filled imitation ingredients so you must avoid them at all cost. It’s been also learnt that fruit or vegetable drink is best at replenishing your bodily needs. Plus it’s also good to taste!

Calcium Conflicts

When it comes to milk, the 1% variety is a great source to maintain your calcium level without filling up your fat cells. Healthy and pudgy isn’t the goal here! Staying hydrated in a healthy way is what we are looking for.

Caffeine Crazy

Rushing through the average day makes that need-for-speed-craving kick in. It’s not unusual.

There are no “good” caffeine drinks but these are the worst:

  • High energy drinks are usually the worst combo of too much caffeine and too much sugar
  • Coke, Pepsi and other sodas – even the “diet” formulas

When you trade in a healthy alternative for a quick fix, your energy level will crash. There could be cases where you may feel like you can’t move. Often time it’s been also found that people make the primary mistake of taking another energy booster to feel better, and on and on it goes.

Bottom-line: anything that instigates a craving isn’t good for you.

The Replacement Race

If you are not a football player, running daily races in the hot sun or engaging in some other activity that makes you perspire profusely, you usually only need one sports drink a day.

They do come with electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, but the amount of sugar in them is usually excessive. That’s another red flag for you.

Sodas Are for Sickos

There is no one with the slightest awareness of healthy habits that would suggest sodas as refreshment. They are full of sugar and caffeine which only makes you thirstier and does nothing to replenish your body’s needs.

You can limit these cravings by cutting back on your intake of soda drinks to a maximum of one per day.

Most people find that the longer they are avoided, the less you desire them.

In the End

Your body needs the proper amount of water to continue its basic functions. For example, processing food into nutrients and delivering them to the correct cells takes fluid.

Even eliminating wastes takes liquids and without them, you’ll be not far off from problems like constipation, excessive gas and bloating.

Lack of fluid makes your skin wrinkle. Your urine will smell foul and turn dark amber. And you’ll be more tired than is normal for you, plus you may also realize that you are lightheaded.

Keeping your hydration intact is the best way to avoid these minor but uncomfortable health problems. The key is to know your own body, be aware of any overnight changes and acting on them accordingly.

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